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Styling Your Family Photos

(From 2016)

How can it already be November! That means the holidays are just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your yearly family photos. Does anyone else feel the pressure that goes along with the once a year family pictures? I know a lot of family dread taking family pictures. The process of picking out everybody's outfits, getting ready, and having everyone happy and smiling during photos can be hard. But when you get the pictures back it is all worth it!

When it comes around each year, I spend time planning out our outfits and making sure that they work well together. I wanted to share some tips for styling and dressing for your family photos!

(From 2016)


1. CHOOSE THE STYLE - Decide whether you want to do dressy or casual pictures. I normally do more casual because that’s what we all feel most comfortable in. Also, think about your location and what would look best in that setting. You can choose the "vibe" you want and go from there.

2. START WITH ONE OUTFIT - Now that you know whether your going for casual or dressy, choose one outfit that you really love! Whether it be yours or one of your kids. This year, I was able to do all my shopping at Old Navy, and found Tatums dress first. I try to always keep in mind color and season when I am choosing outfits. 

(From 2018)

3. COORDINATE COLORS WITHOUT BEING TOO MATCHY - For example, in this family photo below from 2017, I picked out Tatums outfit first. I knew I wanted everyone to wear fall colors. So I chose colors that coordinated with fall (burgundy, navy, and cream).  Remember, if everyone is wearing just one color, it would take away from making the photo work. Try to not have everyone dress in white or black, but colors that coordinate. Also, make sure your photographer places the people that are wearing the same colors strategically. You don’t want them all bunched together. 

(From 2017)

4. PATTERNS VS. SOLIDS - Pick one or two people that will be wearing patterns and the rest go for more solid colors. You don’t want your patterns to stand out too much and take away from your faces. Like I said before, make sure your photographer places the people that are wearing patterns strategically. You don’t want them all bunched together. In the photo above, I decided to wear a patterned dress and have Blythe wearing a vest to add some texture. In the photo below, we had a few more patterns but it didn’t look too crazy because they were all subtle, they were balanced out with my solid dress, and the solid denim thought out.

(From 2018)

5. LAY IT OUT - This might sound silly, and a no brainer. But, I lay out all of my family’s outfits to make sure everything coordinates and goes well together. Also a trick is to snap a picture on your phone and look at the photo. It helps me visually see what to take away or add. I hope these tips help you with your upcoming family pictures. I love all of the combinations I have done through out the years! I’d be happy to help you find things you love and feel great in for your family photos! Don’t hesitate to reach out! God bless you during those stressful times.

XoXo | Nicole

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