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Super Bloom + Maxi Dress


CURLING WAND: Lange 25mm HAIR CLIPS: Pearl Hair Clips DRESS: Original No Longer Available, Similar Style DENIM VEST: Original No Longer Available, Similar Style WATCH: Apple Watch WATCH BAND: Double Wrap Band

I have been meaning to post these pictures forever. Living in Southern California I knew with all the rain we had experienced last year, that the wild flowers would be great this year! Little did I know we would see a super bloom through out the state.

Okay, this dress! Maxi dress season is pretty much year round for me. Although I’m only 5' 4", I love wearing maxi dresses. Worn right, I feel as if maxi dresses can make you appear taller by wearing one color or pattern from head-to-toe.

XoXo | Nicole

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