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Poshmark 101 : Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started on Poshmark

I started selling on Poshmark because I became a stay at home mom after having kids and had a closet full of clothing that was from my working days in fashion. It also was nice to have some extra cash in my bank account. Poshmark is a resale app full of others like me selling clothes they don’t wear anymore. I’ve put together a Poshmark 101 : Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started on Poshmark below.

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How To Get Started on Poshmark?

Poshmark is a free app available on apple or android products. Once downloaded you can create a profile, upload items, and interact with other sellers.

How To Start Selling on Poshmark?

Put together all the items you don’t wear anymore and want to sell ( clothing, shoes, accessories, unused beauty supplies) I am going to be completely honest with you all the process of listing everything is time consuming. Try to take quality photos, this gives you the best option of selling items.

What Do I Price My Items At?

Do your research, see what others are selling the same item for. If your item is not currently listed for sale anywhere, try to find the original price. Then price your item for what you're willing to let it go for. Think about what you would pay for that item if it was selling from someone else. Make sure to really look at your item, what is the condition this will help with the value. At the same time some like to negotiate the price, so also think about that when pricing your item.

What Happens When A Buyer Makes An Offer?

Most buyers are looking to negotiate and are trying to get the best deal they can. A buyer can submit an offer to you as the seller, and name their price. You as the seller can accept or make a counteroffer, and they can do the same. As I said above, really look at your item and the quality of it and be open to negotiating. Is this item worth taking space in my closet or is it time to let it go.

What Is A Bundle?

When someone starts a bundle it means they are interested in multiple items from your closet. In this case most sellers offer a bigger discount for selling multiple items to one person. What you need to decide is how much of a discount, and then the buyer can counter or accept that offer.

How Do I Draw Buyers Into My Closet?

Stay Active! You have to be active on the app by sharing your closet and others to stay in the search results. When you see a Posh Party that is in your closet niche, make sure you share as many items in the party as possible. This will get more buyers looking at your items and closet as a whole.

What Happens When I Make A Sale?

You will be emailed a shipping label right after an item sells. Pack up your item very nicely in a spare box or a priority mail box (DO NOT get the flat-rate boxes, those are a different pricing system then what Poshmark is approved for). Print out your label and tape it on the outside, and drop it off at your nearest post office. When it gets scanned in, Poshmark will send you an email thanking you for shipping your item. You can check the tracking on your app all the way to the buyer, and wait for your payment.

What Is The Payment Process?

When you fill in your profile make sure you fill out your bank’s routing number and provide your account number, Poshmark will store this information. When your package reaches your buyer, they will accept the item. The payment is then released to you as redeemable. If you go into your profile and hit my balance you can see what is redeemable to you. You then can tap redeemable to manage your deposit or you can use the money to shop on Poshmark.

What is Poshmark's Cut?

Poshmark takes 20% from sales over $15 and a flat rate of $2.95 on sales under $15.


Use code NCUSHING1 for Poshmark and get $10 when you sign up!

XoXo | Nicole

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