Monday, August 18, 2014

Fashion Trend: Dark Florals

I am a huge fan of a floral print and looking back have been wearing it every spring and summer for awhile now. But this year I am so excited because one of the fall fashion trends  is dark florals. This feminine print is taking a sophisticated turn in fall palettes. Add chic, girlie accessories or go edgy for a tough twist. The items below are not meant to be worn together but are several dark florals pieces to inspire you, this includes tops, dresses, and accessories. 

Untitled #138

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1. Miss Selfridge, Dark Floral Print Kimono 2. Erdem, Floral Print Silk Top 
3. River Island, Floral Print Leggings 4. dELiA*s, Floral Mesh Illusion Dress 
5. Kate Spade, Rose Print Leather Pumps 6. Mossimo Supply Co., Floral Backpack 
7. Yes Walker, Floral Platform Sneakers

Are you a fan of the dark floral trend??
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crave or Save

For this crave or save I am talking about one of my new favorite beauty products, it is a must have and it is a cleansing device. Lets just get real the Clarisonic did get the cleansing device fad out there a few years back and since then there have been tons of copycat devices that haven't lived up to the Clarisonic. So today I did some beauty research and found something that is very similar. 

Crave or Save

 For years I have heard about these cleansing devices and I just kind of brushed them off and said I can wash my face with my hands. But I finally decided it was time to buy a cleansing device so which one should I buy. I looking at both the Clarisonic and the Olay Pro X.  Both these devices have brushes that exfoliate your face which cleans out your pores, as well as removes makeup. They leave your skin looking cleaner, brighter, and healthier! 

The differences from the two products is the Clarisonic has more of a vibration motion and the Olay version rotates in a circle. Also, the Carisonic has a charger and the Olay's is battery operated. So all in all you can't go wrong either way, it just depends really how much you want to spend on your cleansing device.

Would you Crave or Save??

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tieks by Gavrieli

I am someone that loves shoes! If you ask my husband he thinks I have a bit of a problem. 

I am always looking for a good pair of flats and I started asking everyone I know what is there favorite flats. Everyone was talking to me about Tieks. They all told me that they are the "most comfortable flats they have ever owned". Im not going to lie to you I was a little skeptical of buying flats that are about $200, that is a lot to spend on a pair of ballet flats. How can a pair of flats be that comfortable?? With that said I am a shoe lover so I decided to check out the Tieks Boutiek, and go my goodness! Color overload! With out even knowing how comfortable these flats really where I wanted them all. I had some help from my mom on choosing a color and I ended up getting the mustard yellow, and I love them!!

Tieks come in the cutest packaging!! My daughter Tatum is loving the headband, I think she looks so cute in that green flower. 

So now that I have received my new flats and have been able to wear the multiple times I want to tell you the difference from the average ballet flats and TieksWhat’s unique about Tieks is that the sole is split into two soles so they can fold in half and you can travel easily with them. Tieks are also made with the finest Italian leathers so they’re super soft. The longer and more times you wear them, the more comfortable they get because they conform to your feet. 

You can check out all their colors and offerings at their Boutiek!
See the crave or save I did that includes the Tieks.

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