Monday, January 18, 2016

Plan with Me: Jan.18-24 and How to cut Washi

Its been a little while since I have done a planner spread on the blog. I am just so excited for this up coming week I just had to share it! I am starting to really love my weekly spread and am getting the hang of using functional and decorative stickers. I have to always have check list in my spreads. I love getting things done throughout the week and being able to check them off my to do list. 
Here is how I achieved the above layout. 

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This weeks spread was inspired by a cover I made for my planner. I just love the colors and the deer and floral combo.

Once I had picked out the theme for my spread I always start with covering my morning, day, and night with washi tape. With this I want to give you a tip on how to put washi in your planner. 

Do you all ask yourself how do all those other planner girls get their Washi perfectly lined up and just cut so straight. I had been asking this question to myself for a bit as well. I wasn't the only one asking this, someone on the Facebook group (MAMBI The Happy Planner Group) asked this as well. This is where I learned this amazing and clever trick! 

All you will need to achieve perfect Washi cuts is your Washi tape and a credit card or a small edging surface. 

Step 1: Line up your Washi Tape where you would like it. 
Step 2: Place your smooth edge to the line where you would like to cut the Washi tape. 
Step 3: Hold your Washi close to the edge and pull upwards to rip the washi tape against the edge.
Step 4: Step back and look at your perfectly cut Washi on your planner!! :) 

After the washi is place down. Then I will place all my stickers. I will first do the layout I want and then add all the decorative stickers above that. 

Here is the whole week at a glance. I write what I can on Sunday and then fill it in through out the week with what needs to be done. 

I have said this before but I will remind you all again there is no right or wrong way to do this, you could use tons of stickers or no stickers.


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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Statements to Incorporate into 2016

So January is all about resolutions and if you did read my post earlier this week I spoke about some resolutions I am going to work on in 2016. (Read Here

Life gets so busy and we all forget about what is going on around us. On top of my resolutions I have been working on a list of statements to incorporate into my life. 

As you all know by now I am a planner girl. With that I love to make lists. So here is a list of statement I have come up with so far:

1. Be comfortable in your own skin. The first step to becoming happy is to feel comfortable with who you are. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, this becomes your biggest concern that stays on the top of your mind everyday, it kills your self-esteem. You have to remember no one is perfect. You have to accept yourself for who you are and love yourself. This is the first step to becoming happy with yourself. 

2. Sleep is overrated. Being a mom I am always on call. There are some night I am able to get my much needed rest and there are some night I am need all night. I also saw this during the holiday. We didn't have many night that we where home before 10pm with parties and holiday gathering. and I tell myself this is to much we are all tired. But I look back and I wouldn't want it any other way. I would much rather be busy and live in the moment, than bored. 
3. Live in the moment. When you live in the moment you just feel happy. Why wouldn't you? You don't worry about the future, neither do you feel sad about the past. We need to take every hour as it comes and do what you feel is right. Life is always moving so we can only live in the moment and do our best.
4. Never burn a bridge. This is a great lesson for anyone to know and remember. You will nectar know who you will come across in your life. and with that you never know when they will cross paths with you again. Be kind to everyone. It will serve you well in the end. 

5. Always trust your gut. No one knows you better then yourself. If you have a gut feeling about something, its for a reason! Always trust your gut instinct.

I want to know what is your statement?
Let me know in the comments below...

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A few Resolutions

Well, here we are. 2015 is in the past, and we are now in the year 2016. 
When thinking about what to write for my first post in 2016 it was quite hard. But I was thinking it's the season for resolutions, right?!? I should probably just on the bandwagon and do a resolutions post. So we are. I know resolutions are just well intended promises that usually happen for a handful of weeks. and others don't even try to do them, and just think they are silly. 
I will say I am probably both of those people described above. But I still believe that there's nothing wrong with want to try and better ourselves. So here I go to listing some of the resolutions I am going to work on this next year. 
1. Go With The Flow.
Since I was a kid people would remind me that I need to go with the flow. I had and still do have a hard time when plan change. Of course, with growing up it has gotten easier for me to adapt and accept changes. But it doesn't mean it has gotten any easier for me to do. I think its important to be more relaxed person who goes with the flow. I get anxious sometimes if things don't go the way I expect them to. So in 2016 I want to remind myself how lucky I am. This should help me come to terms with change and realize that its not the end of the world, after all. 

2. Make an Effort to Keep in Touch With Friends.
Wether you have friends from your childhood that you have lost touch with, or you have friends that you just meet, its important to put effort into all of your friendships. I want to make it a point to reach out to them whether its just to catch up over the phone or its to make plans. For me, it is easier to lose touch with people. I spend a lot of time with my daughter and husband and tend to forget about the people I don't see on a daily basis. I want to change this in 2016. 

3. Take Care of Myself.
This might look different for everyone. For me this is taking time for myself and pampering me. This includes getting ready in the morning. Taking time to shave my legs once and while. Getting my nails done. 
Before having out daughter, I would make sure I was put together on a daily basis. It made me feel prettier. I was always prepared for what the day was going to bring me. So I want to try to continue to take care of myself in 2016. Whether its a little or big thing.

4. Be Present.
I know. This task might be impossible with
The list could go on forever. These items about pulls my attention. Tatum will be playing happily, and I will just want to take a quick peek to see wants going on. I do this more than I should admit. But those moments? The everyday ones are the most important. As a family we will always remember the trips, and the holidays, and the birthdays. But when my daughter is older, I want to remember her playing with her dolls and giving me kisses all day long. 

Those are just a few resolutions I am going to work on in 2016.
What are your resolutions for this upcoming year?!?
Let me know in the comments below. 

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