Monday, July 28, 2014

Print Mixing

Finding your own style is more than just looking good! It's also about how you present yourself to others. If you feel confident in the items, I say go for it. Including mix and match patterns.

But if this concept is way out of your comfort zone, then stick to these basic ideas.

* Find balance by pairing one large or bold print with a smaller, more subtle print. This way you will avoid the clashing effect of two busy patterns competing.
* Have a connection through color. By having at least one similar color repeated in your combination of patterns, the look will appear to be more cohesive, tying everything together.

* If you’re still a little scared about pattern mixing with your clothing but want to move away from the matchy matchy, then take baby steps. Mix things up with printed accessories, shoes, bags, scarves, etc.

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3 Reasons to Love Summer

Summer is definitely in full swing! We can say hello to car free days, flirty nights and some great fashion! From wearing great patterns to getting your tan on, here are some of the stylish reasons this summer season rocks. 

1. You can show off your pedicure in cute sandals. 
2. You can wear a new sundress every day.  
3. You can wear standout sunglasses. 

Reasons to love summer

* Get these Looks *

Outfit One
Red Sunglasses: Illesteva, Round Acetate Sunglasses
Denim Shift Dress: Miss Selfridge, T-Shirt Dress
Beaded Sandals: Aspiga, 'Charlotte' Sandal
Red Polish: Essie, 'Tiny Wine-ey' Color

Outfit Two
Blue Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Original Wayfarer
Print Tank Dress: Mango, Print Dress
Tan and Gold Sandals: Valentino, Leather Flat Sandals
Gold Polish: Butter London, 'Marbs' Color

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Scarves

One of my favorite accessories is a scarf, and I am  believer that you can definitely wear it year round. I consider myself a pretty basic dresser, so a colorful scarf creates a cool accent.
When wearing a scarf I want my outfits to look effortless. I want to be able to wear these outfits anywhere, running errands, going out to lunch ect. 

One of the things I love most about this accessories it can completely transfer an outfit into something  new. It refreshes your existing pieces with just a simple trick: tying them different ways! A tied scarf can make a simple outfit look and feel chic and brand new! (Now who wouldn't want that). 

* Why should you own scarves *
* They are affordable way to refresh your wardrobe
* Their accessorizing potential is endless
* They are super cute and fun!

Just remember there is no wrong way to wear a scarf!

Video is from Nordstrom: 4 scarves 16 ways

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