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You are being matched by Nicole Cushing, Artist #879704

How would you like your communication?

PLEASE NOTE: Providing a proper photo is imperative to getting a correct color match! PLEASE, do not send a photo of you in the car, in your bathroom, on your couch, with your back to a window or outside. If you send an improper photo I will ask for another one and will not be able to match you. Refer to the image below. 1. No Makeup (makeup can drastically change the color I would put you in) 2. Stand 3ft in front of an open window and take a selfie at arms length that includes your chest and hair!

Color Match.604ed529a60b44.88560610.jpg

Submit your selfie! If the photo loads sideways, its ok! I can still see it!

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Reference the photos below to match your skin tone.

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Thank You for Submitting Your Color Match!

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