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Under The Stairs Kids Craft Closet

This month's blog posts will be all about the kiddos. We are starting with revealing the kids craft closet and later this month we will go over kid appropriate chores and the reward system we use. 

Like most families we all have projects in our house that have not been finished. Projects that I have left uncompleted. When I was transforming the guest bedroom into my office the girls wanted an office as well. We decided that the perfect space to transform for them, was the under the stairs storage area. This space is still missing some finishing touches, but Its so cute not to share! 

Ever since we moved into our house, our little storage closet had been used for storing holiday decorations and miscellaneous tubs of junk. When looking at the different spaces in our house, it became clear that this space could be reworked. This storage closet became the perfect solution for a kids office, or craft area.

When plans started coming together, we knew we would need storage to keep all the kids crafts in. Using one of the bedroom hutches was the perfect find. It fits the back wall perfectly and keeps this space looking clean. I also didn't want the girls to feel like they where in a closet, I found these vinyl wood wall decals that I covered one whole sidewall with. It really transformed the space. 

Since this is such a small space we didn't want to clutter it. We found this awesome small kids table from Ikea and its the perfect fit. Between adding the kids chore charts and wire basket for school items, the room finally has the feel of a kids craft room. If you are ever over and looking for the girls, check the closet. It is there favorite hideout! 

We had a lot of fun putting this craft closet together. Tatum and Blythe love spending there time in there. Thankfully, it is conveniently located right off of our kitchen.

Creating Your Own Kids Hideout, Get These Items

( If you want one of these chore charts, Email me! )

XoXo | Nicole

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