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Stylish & Family-Friendly Decorating

This post is all about decorating tips for making your home durable and practical for a family yet still put together and stylish when you have kids.

I recently did a post on Kid Friendly Family Room. It went over so well I want to continue the topic...

When you become a mom you might think you have to give up your home to the children. I am here to show you tips I use to make the home look pretty and kid friendly. A family friendly home doesn't have to feel like a preschool.

Now don't get me wrong. We have our fair share of messy rooms, crafting on the bar top, and snacks on the couch. But with that all, I really believe that everything needs a place. And something that was amazing to see, was when your house is put together, you will notice your children respecting the home. Even though we still get messy and have fun on a daily basis, the kids know we need to clean up and put things away every day.


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- Try an ottoman instead of a coffee table I learned quickly that a coffee table was something in our past. A large ottoman is the perfect substitute for the coffee table. It's safe, large, lightweight… the perfect soft space for the baby to stand against, the perfect stage for the bigger kids to show off their dance moves, and the perfect platform for a tray and drinks after the kiddos go to bed.

- Baskets for toy clutter

We felt like we were drowning in toys like I think most of us do. Until we started implementing a toy storage system, so that everything has a place. Clean with your children for the first few times to show them where everything goes. You will be shocked when they just clean on there own and put everything away in the same spot over and over again. ( For example we have a plush toy bin, a hard toy bin, a kitchen bin ext. )

- Indoor / Outdoor rugs

I’ve discovered that there are some awesome indoor / outdoor rugs. Not only are they pretty but so durable and easy to clean. When we want to clean it we just take it out back and hose it off and let it dry.

- Interactive spaces 

Tatum & Blythe's favorite spaces in the house are the spaces that are really there's. I loved creating a little magical space into the home just for them in mind. Remember this space doesn't need to be large. You can convert a closet like we did or find a nook. The under the stair closet was the perfect place for us to create a craft closet for the girls. We added some kid sized decor and let them have their own special space. We call it there office.

- Embrace simplicity With creating an interactive space for the kids think simplicity. I think sometimes we want to make kid spaces so over the top. I’ve found that my girls are able to enjoy more when they have less. They can be more creative and imaginative when they have the space. A few toy bins, and a clean table, and nothing else.

With these tips, I feel like I've created a kid-friendly home that still feels stylish. Do they still play obstical course all over the family room? YES. But for the most part, I’m proud to have guest in our home.

Do you have any other kid-friendly decorating tips you use? There’s always room for more! Share them in the comments below so we can make this post a resource for others.

XoXo | Nicole

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