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Motherhood with a Toddler

Tatum had a pediatrician appointment about a week ago. As I parked, I thought to myself about her first pediatrician appointment after we took her home from the hospital. I was so nervous to leave the house, thinking I would forget something she would need. Since then, I’ve learned a few things. We’ve got our diaper bag contents down to a science. Plus, I’ve learned to prep our bag at night If we’re trying to get out the door and I’m packing the diaper bag last minute……something gets forgotten every single time. I have a checklist, and restock the diaper bag each night to be sure that we’re ready for the next day. 

So, what’s in our diaper bag? 

Diapers– We keep at least 5 diapers with us at all times. Do we use five diapers during an outing? Of course not. But if I didn't pack them, I would need them all!

Diaper Wipes– Obviously needed, right? We store ours in a container that came with my diaper bag so that they stay moist. (also we fill this container, I use diaper wipes for every little mess we make throughout the day)

Sippy Cup– Tatum loves water! While we can always buy a bottle of water when we’re out and about, she still drinks from a sippy cup (we’re working on using a straw). So we keep a clean one in our diaper bag at all times.

Snacks– A hungry toddler is about the worst thing ever. Yup, it’s melt down central. We keep snack bars and crackers at all times.

Pacifier- Tatum used to hate being in her car seat and would cry everywhere, she is very used to it now and it great. But just in case we have her pacifier if she needs it.

Cloth- I always keep a clean cloth in my diaper bag just in case we have a spill that doesn't pick up with a diaper wipe. 

From the above statements it seems as though I would have a good hand on what it is to be a mother. But I would say I am far from that, it is tricky being a mom. Some moments I feel like I've got this down, others I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Some days I feel confident in how I'm raising Tatum and choices I make and others I second guess if I'm doing it right. Overall, there are super hard days, where messes are everywhere and tears are present. Then beautiful moments of snuggles and sweet words. And most days everywhere in between. 

When it comes down to it, motherhood is the hardest things I've ever done. I had no idea how much I would love Tatum. I had no idea how tired I would be or how draining some days could be. Being a mom is scary, overwhelming, exhausting and hard. But being a mom has also been the best thing I've ever done. I have longed to be a mom since I was little, and know that God made me to have this role. I have yet to get tired of folding tiny little laundry and still stop and look at her little shoes laying on our floor and can't believe we have a little girl. Its an amazing feeling! 

So as Tatum grows so do I. I have now gone through baby stage, and have entered toddler stage. Like I said before, I am learning and I will continue to share with you all what I think about motherhood and what works for Tatum and our family. 

XoXo | Nicole

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