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Money Saving Challenge

When doing a google search for money saving challenges they are all over the place. There are tons of weekly charts to help you begin, having a creative mind I wanted to do something different. This 52 week $1,000 money saving challenge has a free printable that is super cute, and still effective. Start by pull out your favorite pen and be ready to mark your bingo card off every week!

Why You Should Use A Weekly Money Challenge Template

These money challenge templates will make savings fun. If you’re a visual person, you can see your progress throughout the year and stay encouraged. Plus, it helps you hold yourself accountable.

Also, using a money challenge template will give you plenty of time to make saving money a habit. This is a habit all of us could use and it will help you prepare for future emergencies or unexpected expenses.

What Makes This Saving Chart Different?

Most saving charts I have seen you have to save $5 this week, $10 next week, etc? As a small business owner, my life doesn’t fit that chart. My income is different every month and some weeks are better then others. This saving chart allows you to choose different amounts through out the 52 weeks. When you pull together all of the amounts it will add up to $1,000.

How The Challenge Works

1. Download the challenge free printable pdf below.

2. Every week, save an amount in one of the square boxes.

3. Color in the square when your deposit is made.

4. Watch your savings build up.

Your final balance at the end of the 52 weeks will add up to $1,000.

XoXo | Nicole

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