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Kid Friendly Family Room

So as you all know by now we are moving into a brand new house at the end of the month. For the most part we are keeping all of the furniture and decor from the old house because I still love the esthetic and vibe we had there. One room we are going to redo is the Family room! :) With Tatum becoming quite the toddler I have learned that kids and clutter seem to go hand in hand which can make maintaining a beautiful family room a challenge. So I have my work cut out for me to not sacrifice on style but to have a family room that can work for the whole family. I need it to be functional for Tatum and pretty for me! 

{This picture is a page that I have put together for inspiration}

The most important part of the new family room is having a kid friendly coffee table. When I was thinking of what I wanted I really dreamed of getting a rustic storage trunk. I thought it would be perfect for storage and very functional. My naive self didn't think about the potential long term hazards of such a heavy and sharp piece of furniture. I was just blinded by all its beauty and decor possibilities. Now that Tatum is running around, I know it time to finally address the coffee table situation. So I have come to the conclusion that getting a tufted or padded coffee table is what is best for this family. 

Another important factor to this family room is the flooring. Dirt, spills, dust, dog hair, and crumbs are very typically part of this Cushing family life. I want to keep things very simple, so we are having large tiles all through out the down stairs of the home. We added this large indoor / outdoor rug which adds some warmth to the area. It looks pretty and is also easy to clean.

Lastly Storage! When we changed up the coffee table trunk to a upholstered table we will not have that storage. So we are planning on getting side tables and a table to put behind the couch so we can have bins of storage. That way we can clean up toys when we need to. 

What is your go to item for your family room?!

XoXo | Nicole

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