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Invitations, Paper vs. Digital

We are all consumed with technology. In this day and age we have daily text, social media updates and nonstop e-mails. It has become our primary method of sharing information. But you still once and awhile see people sending traditional paper invites. These are the two primary options when sending out information about an event. Below you will see some differences of each to help anyone decide what's best for their event. 


- It's cheap and effective. If the party budget is tight, this is one spot it's easy to cut costs.

- Immediate RSVP. Click yes or reply to the email or Facebook invite.

- Everyone can see who will be there. Some social and e-invites let invited people see the guest list. This could fit in both the pro and con column. But as a guest, it's nice to see if I'll know anyone there without having to ask around.

- Updating or changes to the event. If the time or place changes, informing everyone is just a few clicks away.

- Multi purpose. Photos and videos can be captured and shared with everyone. This transforms your invitations into a digital memory box.

- They can be pretty. Email invitations don't have to be a generic with plain text. You can purchase digital invites on platforms like Etsy.


- Invitations are your party’s introduction. It sets the tone of what guests are to expect. This is my favorite part about creating custom invites. It allows me to get creative, and go all out. Not only will they be fun to look at, but they will give the guests an indication of what to expect at the party.

- Style. Style. Style. Getting an invitation in the mail is a world away from opening an inbox. It's more private. It's possible, of course, to limit privacy settings on a Facebook event, for instance. But overall, sending a physical invitation has more privacy. 

- Single purpose, to alert and inform. A paper invitation only delivers the party information. It doesn't not allow for continuous communication between host and guest.

- Also, it cannot store memories captures from the event. 

So which invitation style is better? There's no right or wrong choice for inviting guests for your party or event. Decide what's important to you and best for your guest list. Then determine if online or paper invites better fit the planning and style of your event. If you have an event coming up – such as a shower, birthday party, wedding event, or any other invite needs – please reach out to me on Etsy for a custom invite, visit Nicole Kelly Creations.

XoXo | Nicole

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