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Half-Up Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Today I am showing you a fun BoHo hair style. Because life is to short to have boring hair! 

This tutorial is a twist on a half up braid. It’s a little bit looser, softer and more casual.

When it comes to achieving an overall look you need to get the right outfit with the right hairstyle. Without the right hairstyle, your look feels incomplete so I am coming to you with a gorgeous styling option to help you always feel your best!

Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

The first step is to tie your hair back using an elastic. I chose to wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic so it doesn't show.

1. Separate hair into two sections to start braiding a fishtail braid.

2. Grab a third, smaller piece from the underside of left section and pull across the top.

3. Connect the smaller piece to the right section, and pull tight.

4. Now switch to the opposite side, and repeat steps two and three.

5. Keep alternating sides until you reach your desired length. 

6. To finish up your braid. Tie it off with an elastic.

Once I hit my desired length I secured it with a black elastic. Once again I wrapped my elastic with  with a small piece of hair so it wouldn't show. 

To complete my look I pulled apart my braid until it gave a thicker and messier appearance.

XoXo | Nicole

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