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Free Printable Holiday Planning Calendar For 2018

Don’t you just love planning for the holidays? The holiday rush can be disorganized and crazy, but we can definitely have structure and organization with our trusty planners. You can find your FREE Holiday planning printable for 2018 right here! This printable includes a shopping list checklist and a calendar for your Elf on the Shelf planning. 

Has your elf arrived yet? We love our Elf on the Shelf, and she will be arriving on December 1st in the Cushing household. But I need to get my elf ideas organized. I created this Elf Planner printable to put in my Travelers Notebook to help me organize all my ideas!

Looking for Some Ideas? I love finding fun, unique and easy ideas and you can see some of my favorites listed below.

- Elf arrives with a welcome letter

- Elf has a naught / nice list with kids name on it 

- Elf takes a nap in the fridgeElf says hello in the bathroom with lipstick

- Elf is hanging from a kitchen light

- Elf does snow angel in sprinkles

- Elf says brush your teeth in toothpaste

- Elf plays uno with other stuff animals

- Elf plays in sand box (kinetic sand) 

- Elf leaves note on toilet paper (3 days left tell Christmas)

- Elf wishes us a Merry Christmas and says goodbye 

Term of Use: Remember this printable is for personal use only. Files cannot be resold, modified or used commercially. If you would like to share the printable or images on social media please link directly to this printable page, not to the printable file itself and provide a full credit link. @Nicole.Kelly.Creations

If you post it on instagram please tag me. I would love to see how you used this kit. If you have any issues downloading or printing the kits let me know in the comments below.

I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone for downloading and using any of my free probables. Im so excited to continue giving you all free printable on the blog. If you don't know already, I’m the owner of the Etsy Shop : Nicole Kelly Creations a shop with the focus of planner items and other paper products. If you have a custom orders in mind let me know in the comments below or by emailing me. 

Being in the holiday spirit and giving, maybe you could consider buying me a cup of coffee to say thanks for the printables, or purchasing items from my Etsy shop? I’d really appreciate it!!

XoXo | Nicole

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