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DIY - Stencil Wall

I have finally finished the DIY stenciling in the loft area of our home! Seriously, this took me so much longer than I had planned and I'm not going to lie it was harder then I though.

 With that said it is done and I am very happy with the end result! It is now one of my favorite areas in the house!  Here are some tips to make things a little easier for you:

  • Use a good stencil! I purchased mine through Cutting Edge Stencils on Amazon.

  • Practice first! There definitely is a little learning curve to figure out how much pressure and paint you should use. I didn't do this and I had to wash the wall and start over. :/

  • Start on the area of the wall that will be seen the least. 

  • Use a foam roller with rounded edges so that the edges of the roller do not catch the stencil. 

  • Make surer your stencil is level, this may seem like a DUH point but it happens. I purchased the clip on level, but did not realize I didn't have it attached straight to my stencil.  My first few stencils ended up being crooked. 

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  • Remember that it is a stencil.  That means that there will be a few imperfections. Its ok the only person that will see them are you. 

  • Less paint is better. You don't want it to bleed through the cracks.

Finished Results! What do you think??

XoXo | Nicole

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