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DIY: Industrial Pipe Shelves

Learn how to Build these Easy DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves. Complete with instructions this tutorial will guide you through step by step on recreating these industrial farmhouse style shelves.

Cost of These DIY Pipe Shelves

Although I LOVE the look of these shelves, I want to warn you that this DIY project was NOT cheap, The materials themselves were about $100 for 5 shelves, so I would not recommend this look if you’re DIY-ing this specific shelf to save money.

Supplies for 2 DIY Pipe Shelves

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- 4 Pipes (3/4 inch diameter)

- 4 Caps (3/4 inch)

- 4 Galvanized Floor Flanges  (3/4 inch)

- Wood cut to two equal shelves

- Sandpaper

- Stain (color of your choice) + rags

- 1 bottle flat black spray paint

- Two-hole straps (3/4 inch)

- Dark screws

- 16 wall anchors (if you don’t hit a stud)

How To Create the DIY Pipe Shelves

When ordering pipes try to get a size you won't have to cut at all. I was able to find black ones that were 9" which was perfect for my 7" board.

Make sure to spray paint anything you got that was silver, for me that was the two hole straps, and the caps.

Now, let’s chat about the wood. Literally, any type/size of wood will work but we wanted the shelves to look thick, so we went with a thicker piece of wood they are 1.5" thick and 7" deep. Once we decided on the wood, we bought one long piece and had them cut them to size, they are all 20" long.

Now it's time to sand and stain, once dry you can start the handing process.

The painter’s tape helped us identify a level line and gave us an idea of where to hang each shelf. We used four anchors for each floor flange and then inserted dark screws so that the screws would camouflage.

After each of the flanges was secured to the wall, we screwed in the pipe, then screwed on the caps, and placed the shelf on top of the pipes. Pretty darn easy, right?!

But there’s still one more step that we would highly recommend, without the straps, the shelf could easily move around on the pipes. However, once we added the straps (they’re only about a DOLLAR each), the shelf was extremely secure on the pipes.

After they are completely hung you can now decorate them. These shelves are in my office so I was able to be creative with what was on them and go a little more girlie with the accessories.

XoXo | Nicole

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