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DIY: How to Create Art From Greeting Cards

I love receiving cards and I always found myself keeping them in a box somewhere and never looking at them again. I don't want to throw them away but I needed to find a new solution for my received greeting cards from momentous times in my life. This easy project is the perfect solution. You can use this project for any greeting card pile you have, I will be showing you the DIY using my daughters baby shower cards.

Materials Needed for DIY:

- Cards from special event

- 1" Punch (This can be any shape of your choosing)

- Hot Glue or Glue Stick

- Shadow Box


- Punch out hearts from each card, I would look for cute pictures or signatures that are meaningful and make sure the heart lined up with that image.

- Then fold each heart in half.

- Next arrange the hearts to see how it will look in the shadowbox.

- Lastly, Glue the hearts down in that arrangement.

If you’re looking for a special way to make your baby shower or wedding cards a keepsake, definitely try something like this out!  No more lonely boxes of cards sitting in the back of your closet! The best part is you can do any punch, butterflies or stars would be really sweet too.

XoXo | Nicole

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