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DIY - Diaper Cake

Finding a gift for a baby shower can be challenging for those who want to give something special and personalized. A diaper cake is a perfect way to turn a simple gift of diapers into something that will be remembered. Diaper cakes combine the practical with the unexpected, and they’re surprisingly easy to make.

Before getting started, you’ll need to purchase a few items to put together your cake. I always go with size 2 diapers since many babies never wear the newborn size, and they grow out of the size 1s so fast. Make your cake colorful by picking ribbon that fits the theme of the shower or the babies room. Use a special toy or stuffed animal as a cake topper.

What You’ll Need:

Thick cardboard

rubber bands

extra-large rubber bands

Empty paper towel roll



Hot glue gun


Cake topper

paper straws

Start by rolling each diaper tightly and secure them by wrapping a rubber band around the center. Once all the diapers are rolled you will start building your cake.

To start glue the paper towel roll to the cardboard base. Then surround the roll with diapers. Then place another circle of diapers around the first, and then a third circle, and finally a fourth. Hold the diapers together with an extra-large rubber band wrapped around the entire tier. once your bottom tier is large enough to your liking cut a circle around it. You’ll find that having the cardboard will give the diaper cake a strong base and make it much easier to transport.

For the rest of your layers, all you have to do is create smaller tiers of rolled diapers on top of the first. For the top layer you can slide the paper straws through this top layer and down into the second tier to secure the tiers to one another.

Once your cake is all build with diapers its time to decorate it. Wrap the ribbon so that it covers the large rubber bands holding the tiers together. Secure it with hot glue. You can now add a second ribbon and bows like pictured above if you want to. Finally place any other toys or supplies around each layer.

That’s all! I hope this tutorial is one that will inspire you. Let me know what you think, and tell me how your diaper cakes turn out in a comment below!

XoXo | Nicole

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