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DIY - Bathtub Tray

Is there anything better than a long bath with a face mask, bath bombs, and maybe a glass of wine?

The answer is no. No, there is not.

I have been in the process of decorating our bathrooms and we ( I mean my husband ) finally got the DIY bathtub trays completed. I think they turned out amazing! I’m seriously a little worried that I’m never going to get anything done again because I want to spend every second of my free time in this exact spot.

I love how these trays turned out that I want to explain it to you so you can go make some for yourself. This only took my husband a few hours to make two of them. So I know you all can make one too!

Materials Needed for DIY Bathtub Tray: 1 - 11 X 30 X 1 board, (the length is cut down to width of your tub)  2 -11 X 1 X 1 wood legs (these are the guides underneath the trays so it doesn't slip) Sandpaper + Sander  Stain Polyurethane Screws Drill or Screw Driver  Drill Bit Clamps Wood Fill


  • Start by measuring your bathtub at the widest part. You’ll want to go from the wall (or if your tub floats, the outside edge), all the way to the outer edge of the tub. I had mine flush with the edge of the tub, but you can have yours hang over the side if you prefer.

  • Next, measure from the outside edge of the tub to the inside edge on both sides. You’re looking for where to put the guides on the bottom so the tray doesn’t slide around.

  • Go Shopping, when buying your materials at your local hardware store have it cut to size – it’s usually free!

  • To start the actually project you want to give all the pieces a good sanding so that it’s completely smooth.

  • Drill screw holes in guides. Stain the wood any color of your choosing, I picked dark walnut. 

  • Finish the wood with a couple of coats of polyurethane, doing a light sanding in between each coat. The finish should be completely smooth, so just run your hand over it a few times to make sure you’ve sanded enough.

  • Lastly, you want to attach your guides to the trays. Use clamps to set in place in bathtub. Drill screws threw hole guides into tray. Then fill screw holes with wood filler. 

And that’s it!

Add some decor like pretty natural loofahs, soaps, flowers, and anything else you desire in your bathroom and you’re good to go. Decoration possibilities are endless with so many face masks and bath products being popular right now.

XoXo | Nicole

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