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Bullet Keeper Planner

Why I Plan in a Bullet Keeper

I am just going to say it out loud, I have a very type A personality. Especially when it comes to my planning and organization. I like to start each day by looking at my planner and seeing my to do list for the day. For me, organization and planning is therapeutic, it helps me stay clear headed.

When using a BK planner, you can do anything. The planner gives you the flexibility to structure your life the way you want to. You can doodle, list, or even use stickers in your planner, anything that helps you achieve your goals. When you write your goals and scheduling down on paper, you can clearly see your path in writing.

This is why I use a planner! It helps keep me disciplined and allows me to be motivated through out my week to get things done. (and I love a good checklist :) )

Using the Bullet Keeper With Planner Stickers

When I was looking for new planners to try, I really wanted a bullet journal. I love seeing everyones instagram picture perfect layouts, that are filled with artistic trackers and weekly plans. I am someone that loves pretty things but I normally don't have the patience to create those layouts. I know even though I love that look, I know I don't plan like that. So I wanted to mix the two concepts. I wanted the flexibility of a bullet journal, while also having the structure I normally use with my weekly sticker kits.

More About The Bullet Keeper Planner

The Bullet Keeper is an undated monthly and weekly planner. There are twelve months available and five weekly calendars between each monthly calendar. It has a dot grid layout on the weekly pages, and small box's to create a month for the monthly pages. On top of the monthly and weekly calendars there are about thirty five front and back dot grid plain pages in the back of the planner to use however you see fit. When you first receive your planner you will also notice some extra features: there are two attached ribbon bookmarks, a small ruler, a back pocket, and a pen loop.

I also pulled some information from the BK website, this is what they say about there planners:

"Our planners & notebooks give you a blank canvas to

structure your life, your way. The perfect way to plan

ahead and ensure you focus on your most important

tasks. Pushing you to be more productive."

I love that! who doesn't want to be more productive and do things on there own terms. Sign me up!

There are a lot of different designs and layouts when it comes to planners and journals. So make sure to look around and do some research before you buy, you are welcome to comment below with what you are looking for, I have tried many planner types. I hope you can clear your head and write down those to do list. Happy planning.

XoXo | Nicole

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