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It's been a few weeks since a post went live but I am continuing on the thoughts of sprucing up your home. Last post was all about doing small renovations around the house on a budget. This week is all about home decor.

I am so excited for this post! For those just joining, I am an Amazon lover through and through and with little ones, it just makes life easier. Whether I am buying diapers and paper towels, or faux plants and throw blankets, Amazon is there to provide. And though it's definitely a good go to, a lot of people wouldn't think of Amazon in relation to home decor. Trust me when I tell you, there are some pretty amazing gems hidden amongst the practical necessities. I've rounded up some of the very best home decor finds on Amazon, that can arrive on your doorstep in a snap!

Also, If you are in need of some styling help for your home let me know! I love to work with clients based on their individual needs and dreams! I can focus on the big picture and keep my clients on track so they don’t end up with a room full of “things” that don’t work together. To begin, we’ll start with a conversation about your project and from there we will come up with an estimate and an action plan. Near or far, I can provide as much or as little design service as needed.

XoXo | Nicole

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