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Best of Amazon | Fashion

Today I'm exited to share a new post, Best of Amazon, Fashion. I did one of these post last month, and it quickly become a reader favorite. I love to explore Amazon and dig for the good stuff, I really was able to find some gems this month.

I won’t lie, quality can be a hit or miss on Amazon fashion and of course with each brand sizing can always be a challenge. The good news is that reviews reign strong and there is so much good insight into the products by reading other people’s experiences. You can't beat those prices!

I love all these dresses. All 4 of these come in multiply colors and prints, so go check them out! They are so cute and fun!

- The black maxi dress, I personally own, and is so comfortable, so flattering and has pockets.

- The burgundy one is so good! Perfect for a spring weddings or Easter. This dress is so soft and is a very thick material. It has a zipper on the side to get in and out of it. Also, can be dressed up or down.

I love this casual outfit. I would wear it year round day in and day out.

- These t-shirts are AMAZING. I have them in black and white! I love the fabric and they are so comfortable.

Also, If you are in need of some styling help let me know! I love to work with clients based on their individual needs! We can put an outfit together for just daily life or we can do something for a special event. Don't hesitate to reach out over email.

XoXo | Nicole

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