Easy and Effective Reward System for Kids

Being a mom is hard work. Parenting kids is always an adventure in disciplining, leading, correcting and teaching. I am always adjusting and trying new things to help encourage positive behavior with my girls. We have been doing the marble (we use puff balls) system for a few weeks now and it has been going well.

Whats is the Marble / Puff Ball System?

Each time you notice your child making good choices, you reward them by having them add a puff ball to his jar. For our family some good choices consist of:  
(Over all, generally smart choices that are caught when they are not expecting others to see.)

Each time you notice your child making poor choices, you having them remove a puff ball from his jar. For our family some poor choices might be:
  • Yelling. Fighting. Arguing.
  • Not playing nice with others. 
(Overall, general poor choices fall in this category.)

** The most important thing when using any reward system is consistency. You must be consistent with your rewards and punishments. **

How Long Does it Take to Fill Up?

It normally takes about a month to fill up. When we first started using this method, I wanted to make it fill up a little quicker so that they are able to get their first reward and understand it. 

Sometimes I will use cotton balls as an incentive: “If you ____, you will earn an extra cotton ball today.” (Works great for this, but I don’t do this too often because I don’t want it to lose its real purpose.)
What Happens When Their Jar is Full?

The girls get to go shopping or do something fun (within reason). Example is shopping for a new outfit or toy. Some activities have been getting your nails done or going on a date with mom or dad. 

Supplies Needed
  • Marbles / Puffs
  • A Jar (or something to put the earned marbles in)
  • Consistency from the parents

We have been using the puff ball jar for a few weeks now. The girls are very eager to earn (and not lose) their puffs. When in public or even at home, when a poor choice is noticed, I just need to simply say puff ball… and I have their attention quickly. They understand. They usually quickly adjust their behavior.

I find that rewarding my children for their positive choices (instead of only focusing on their poor choices) is a great method. It works for us!

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