Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blythe Avery, 12 Months Old

I am finally getting around to writing Blythe's  12 month update!  

This will probably be it until about 18 months, as my initial goal was just to document her first year.  But I will probably update again when she is a year and a half, as I'm sure lots will have changed by then!  

This 12 month baby update seems to have gotten here a lot quicker than I imagined; they warn you about this in the beginning. But having Blythe being baby number 2 I feel like it went that much quicker. Blythe is now 1 years old! She’s absorbing so much on a daily basis and it’s freaking me out, just as much as it excites me!
Blythe is definitely not my little baby anymore and it’s taking some getting used to. She has an opinion, and she isn’t afraid to share (which sortaaa sounds like someone I know lol). She’s outspoken and impatient at times, but also so full of curiosity. She’s got an independence about her that I love, and a toughness that’s hopefully going to stick with her throughout life. It’s funny, all these little things we can pick-up about our babies personalities in just a year of life. 
And of course…just a few days before her first birthday, Blythe decided to finally trust herself. There’s no big story, there’s no big moment! We were just playing in the family room and she just started walking. Just like that — one second she was crawling, the next she was taking steps, and the very next she was clear across the room! 

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