Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blythe Avery, 11 Months Old

Life with an 11 month old sure is busy.

Blythe is going through so many incredible changes. It’s an amazing age, yet challenging too. I can see her frustration with wanting to do so many things all at once, but not quite having mastered all the skills yet. I’m just trying to be there for her as much as I can and reassure her that she’s doing great.

She loves to giggle, smile, baby talk, and just generally being a stinker. She loves doing things to get a reaction! She is very easy going when playing but she is also learning to be assertive. She loves to put up a HUGE fuss when getting her clothes changed, face wiped, etc.

She’s starting to stand on her own more and is easily walking around with furniture. She’s a super speedy crawler. She currently loves trying to follow me into the pantry – I have to be quick. And she zooms over to the dishwasher whenever I have it open. She has learned to open the warming drawer on the oven and loves to put her toys in it and sit in it herself. (Good thing we don't use it!) 

Ugh. Sometimes I just want to skip this section of Blythe's monthly recap because I feel like there’s so much back-and-forth and I could write a new summary about her sleep habits every week. Let’s just say some nights are good and some nights we’re up one or two times. It’s really hit or miss. Sleep is still far from wonderful over here, but it seems to be slowing getting better. 

I have already started planning her 1st birthday party. I can hardly believe it. Our house is going to be packed with friends and family.  Somewhere in the crowd there will be a mom creepy-staring at her baby while hiding her eyes with tears and smiling. Yup, that’ll be me. It should be fun. Who says the 1st birthday party is mostly for the parents? ha….I would be guilty as charged. I’m having way too much fun planning the décor and food. And just like that, my baby will be a toddler in the blink of an eye…what a beautiful, crazy, wild, mind-blowing year it’s been. It just keeps getting better.

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