Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blythe, 9 months

Blythe is nine month old! 

(Well she technically turned nine months old on June 10th but here we are, 4 days late. oops.) One of the first thoughts I had as we approached nine months with our baby girl is that Blythe has now been out in world for as long as she was in my belly. It's crazy thought and while I felt like everything changed so much from week to week during pregnancy, it seems like every single day with Blythe bring about something new. 

Its crazy to watch a baby grow into a little person right before your eye. Every time something new happens, I am reminded that my baby girl won't be a baby forever. With Blythe being our second baby it still surprises me every day.
( On a road trip to AZ. Your not supposed to be playing on the interstate, check that off the bucket list. Thanks for the opportunity I-10)
 I really enjoy watching Blythe grow and explore but there are times I just want time to slow down.  I am trying to make a real effort to remain present and enjoy the small moments as i am realizing Blythe's first birthday is only a few months away. 
(On the left is Blythe first time at the pool. On the right is Blythe first beach trip. She really loved them both)
(Though Blythe looks so unhappy in the photos above, she and Tatum were very excited about getting dedicated to the lord in our church this month.)

Bottom line.... She's so much fun and I just love seeing her smiling every day. She keeps me on my toes, and is such a loving baby. I am excited to see what the summer bring us. 
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