Monday, February 13, 2017

Blythe, 5 months

5 months! Wow. As I was taking out Blythe's blanket to take her pictures, I couldn’t believe that 6 months is next. How time flies. I know that we are not going to be without trying times, but my little newborn baby is for sure, gone. She is a baby. A very expressive, happy, chatty, laughing baby. I can honestly say I enjoy spending time with her every day.

I feel so lucky that I get to stay home with Blythe and Tatum. There certainly are tough moments and even tough days but over all we have a blast together.

I feel like this month was such a big month. She is starting to rotate when she's on her belly. She is getting rice cereal daily. She can transfer toys from one hand to another. She gets super excited when Daddy's around, it's the cutest thing ever!! 
Blythe is taking 3 naps a day, with one in her crib and the two others in a baby carrier. The big news is she is now sleeping on her tummy. Because of that we have cut out the swaddle completely. She typically gets up once or twice at night. If she gets up we try to let her fuss it out or go in and “shush” her, if I must I will feed her, but we are trying to cut her one night feeding.
Having a baby is the hardest, happiest, most emotionally rewarding thing in the world. But I wouldn't ask for life to be any other way. I love my girls to pieces. 
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