Friday, January 13, 2017

Blythe, 4 month

Blythe is now 4 months old, I am really in disbelief. Is there ever going to come a time in your child's life when you're not totally baffled by how fast time passes?!? 
Over the past month or so we’ve finally gotten into a routine that we can all count on, more or less, which is nice. Days that where once filled with feeding sessions, naps and non-stop cuddles are now filled with lot of interactive playtime, goofy faces, and naps that only last for a hot second. 

The way Blythe smiles is my favorite thing in the universe. Her smile seems to light up a whole room. She's just the best and it makes me want to smile and laugh with her.

This is Blythe sitting in her high chair, starting to eat rice cereal for the first time. 

Blythe always seems to be rolling over these days. You can also always find her with her hand in her mouth. 

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