Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blythe, 3 Months

Our Baby Blythe is now 3 months old, this time is passing faster then ever. Im convinced she's the sweetest baby that the world has ever known (as well has her sister Tatum, of course). She really is such a great little human. I feel like we are out of the newborn stage and into some fun times. It has been amazing to watch how she has grown and to see the differences from when Tatum was a baby. 
We all love you so much! You definitely light up our lives.
She hates tummy time. But she definitely was showing off for the doctor. 
 Family photos. She wasn't shy and showed all her emotions. 
 Blythe has the craziest hair. It is usually tame for two minutes after a bath. 
Blythe and Tatum met santa. 

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