Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Give Me A Break

Hey everyone!!  I know what you are all thinking, right when I was in the swing of things and blogging on the regular I disappeared. I am sorry it is true. 

Its been extremely busy, exciting and exhausting last few weeks in our life. For starters we finally moved into your new home in Ventura, CA which is a beach city outside of Los Angeles. After a year of moving around we are very excited to finally be settling down. The locations is amazing and its perfect for our family. 

While this move was super exciting and needed, moving in and of itself is something that is not very fun. But I will let you all know we somehow survived! :) And just when I thought I could finally breath a sigh of relief and begin enjoying the holiday season and get acclimated to our new home, S**T hit the fan. Because thats how life works doesn't it?

Tatum was helping put groceries away and grabbed a bottle of wine and dropped it on her foot. I feel so bad because she was just trying to be helpful. But her right big toe (yes I said TOE) got fractured. Apparently, when you hurt your toe you need a cast from toe to thigh because they don't want the cast to fall off. She will be in a cast for 3 weeks. 

And obviously as her Mom, I feel awful that this happened. I know it was a total accident, but I feel awful that I could have prevent it. No one wants their baby to get hurt and we all know seeing chidden this young in a cast is not the ''norm.'' 

Though its only been a few days. I have to say that she's talking this whole thing like a champ! She has slept pretty well and is starting to scoot around. She has her times of frustration each day but has been pretty normal for the most part in her attitude.  
So life is what it is. I wasn't expecting or hoping to break in the new house with a broken toe, but thats what life's thrown at us this month. I know we aren't the only family that faces challenges and in the scheme of things, this isn't a huge deal. It's sure to be a distant memory here soon. 

I hope you are all having a great holiday season and I will be back in action when it comes to blogging in the new year! I can't wait to see what 2016 brings for all of us. 

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  1. Poor Tatum! Hopefully everything heals quickly! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  2. I do the same thing with blogging. I’ve started using my laptops calendar to plan myself out better. It does help.