Sunday, October 11, 2015

Plan with Me: Sept. 12-18 and Happy Mail

 So its that time again! Do you love the weekly spread above! I think this might be my favorite planner spread to date! This is how you can achieve it. I love how this week came together. I feel like its functional but still adorable. I love getting things done throughout the week and being able to check them off my list and doing that in a pretty planner is the cherry on top! :) 

This weeks plan with me post is all about Pink with hints of Navy!!
 (All of the stickers used in this layout were made by me, and many of them can be found in my etsy shop!)

On the left hand side you can see a black canvas. On the right hand side you can see the first thing I do is cover my morning, day, and night with washi tape. I wish I would have just used my stickers and did no Washi. But I get so excited and I went a little over board. In the end it just doesn't match.

Here is the whole week at a glance. I write what I can on Sunday and then fill it in through out the week with what needs to be done. 

I have said this before but I will remind you all again there is no right or wrong way to do this, you could use tons of stickers or no stickers. 

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Happy Mail

It’s always a good feeling when you have someone to share your hobbies with and thankfully there are over 9,000 people I get to share my Happy Planner obsession with in a Facebook group called “Planners Gone Wild", 65 people on my own Facebook page "Nicole Kelly Creations", and 6,000 people in the group "Me & My Big Ideas! The Happy Planner Addict Group", and there are about 20 more groups I belong to that is revolved around planning.

Well this past week in one of these groups someone was running a RAK post. If you don't know RAK stand for "Random Act of Kindness". Also we call receiving these RAKS happy mail. I was chosen to get this RAK. 

I just received it yesterday and it as amazing!! I have been having a few tough weeks and she just went over the top! She had mentioned she was going to give away this precious journal but she did so much more. She went above and beyond with the RAK. I was blow away with her generosity. I am totally in awe with the kindness of people in these planner groups!! This was definitely a happy package!.  

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all have a blessed week! 
If you have anything fun planned let me know with a comment below!

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