Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Food

With Halloween this week we started on Monday by posting some of my favorite Halloween Decor. Today I have decided to share some halloween themed food. Sure candy is on the minds of most, but there is more to this fun-filled night then just being in a sugar coma.

Here are just a few healthy Halloween treat recipes and one mind trick for a healthy candy swap.

Little Apple Monsters

These monsters will make it into your mouth as quickly as they made it into your heart.
Place one apple slice flat on a plate and then spread the back edge with some of your peanut butter . Stick another apple slice into the peanut butter so that the two apple slices look like an open mouth. Then stick some slivered almonds vertically into the peanut butter to add teeth and then stick two chocolate chips into the upper apple slice to add eyes. 

Ghostly Bananas

These ghoulish bananas are ready to show themselves to the world.
These don't really need any instructions. 
Just cut some bananas in half and add three chocolate chips to the top for eyes and month.

Of course, not all of us will want to make something healthy on Halloween. You want the candy and you want it now. So eat Fun Size Candy. As we all know, when faced with a full candy bar, it's really hard to stick to only eating some of it. That's why fun sized candy is a great option.

What will you be eating on Halloween? Let me know in the comments! 

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