Sunday, September 13, 2015

Plan with Me: Sept. 14-20

 So it has been about a month since I have done a plan with me post. This weeks plan with me post is all about gold!!
 (All of the stickers used in this layout were made by me, and many of them can be found in my etsy shop!)

On the left hand side you can see a black canvas. I had a couple of things already put in on this week. I use the house stickers on the bottom for a count down tell we move into our new house. And I pre put birthdays into my calendar so I won't forget them.  
On the right hand side you can see the first thing I do is cover my morning, day, and night with washi tape and then layered that with some headers. 

Here are some close ups of some of my spread, after laying out my stickers. I do have a similar layout each week. I like to have todos at the top and meals on the side bar. I also have certain chores I do every week so those are on the second box.

Here is the whole week at a glance before I have anything written in it. I write what I can on Sunday and then fill it in through out the week with what needs to be done. 

I have said this before but I will remind you all again there is no right or wrong way to do this, you could use tons of stickers or no stickers. 

Whats your favorite way to plan??

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