Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Links I Love

1. Tatum hasn't beet sleeping well and this video just made me laugh. I hope I don't look like this but I probably do. Stages of Putting A Toddler to Bed (

2.  Decorating your planer is all the rage right now within the planning community. Its scrapbooking and planning all in one! How amazing right! 18 planners that will make you want to get your sh*t together. (Buzzfeed)

3. I am always looking at how I can plan better. I have started menu planning and going into meal planning. If you have any tips let me know! 15 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning (

4. I am a big TV Junkie and I just fell upon this calendar of TV Premiere dates! How am I just learning about this calendar! Love it. What is your favorite TV show to watch??
Fall TV Premiere Dates (

5. We are moving into your new house at the end of the month and though we don't need much when it comes to home decor I always love shopping. HomeGoods is one of my favorite places for home decor. This is a quiz to find out your unique stylescope personality and get tips to bring it to life in your home. Quiz (

6. Ever wonder why fall starts on a wednesday. Well here is why....
Here's Why Wednesday Is the First Day of Fall.  (

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