Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hello October

It's October. Can you believe another month has gone by! This year is just flying by don't you think! October is a great month for a few reasons. One because you can spend way too much money on fun-sized candy bars, and tell everyone its for Halloween but it is really for you to eat... it all. :) And two because because we are going to finally move into our new home!!! We sold our house last October and where supposed to be in temporary living for just a few months, well those months kept flying by and it has been a year. So for the month to finally come where we are going to be able to move into this house is pretty exciting!! 

 I was looking around Etsy and found this Etsy print... isn't it perfect. I was thinking about this print and being the start of October. It reminded me that this is the month of the calm before the storm. You know... before we have to deal with candy canes and mistletoe and tangled-up Christmas tree lights.

I also decided to share some of October's goals today. I love fresh beginnings, and the start of a new month feels like a clean slate.
October's Goals:
Building the Brand. I want to continue growing Nicole Kelly and Nicole Kelly Creations on Etsy. Its been a fun few months and I want to continue pushing for big results. 
Blog Regularly. It doesn't have to be everyday or anything but I want to make sure to do a few post a week.  
Organize/de-clutter.   As we move into the new house I want to be organize and declutter. Whats a better time for this as you open boxes and put items away.
Have fun. Like I said above October is the calm before the storm with holiday. So take this month and enjoy it!

Why is October a great month for you?? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. That is great news about the new house! I bet you are so ready! Good luck moving and enjoy the beautiful fall!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! You are right we are so ready for our new house. I don't know how much fall weather we get in SoCal but I will enjoy what I can. You have a great fall as well!