Thursday, September 3, 2015


like poop! It has been one hell of a week ladies and gentlemen! Tatum has been not feeling 100% and being irritable and not herself. I went to the doctor today just to confirm, and they did... She has a sinus infection. :(  But non the less she has been quite the trooper with not feeling great. I hope that she will only have a few days of this and then be back to felling 100%!

A little snapshot of my cutie...

Of being in our new house! We are in the home stretch as we are supposed to move in at the end of the month. So we are definitely in count down mode. Though it doesn't look done I feel like every time we see it there as been so much progress!! I feel like I have been talking about this moment for the last year. We have been waiting a long time for this count down to start! 

Bachelor in Paradise. Every single drama filled second of it. I know It awful TV but I just can't stop watching. 

I don't normally shop at Target for clothing but I was there for items for Tatum and just could help myself. I don't know who is doing there buying right now but they have a great selection! I wanted everything! 

I am still having so much fun running my Etsy Shop! I have doing my normal stickers and paper goods, and I am loving it! But I wanted to try something different so I just started recently doing covers. So This is a cover I made for my bible. 

My baby girl to feel better!! I hate seeing her with a runny nose and being sick. I love when she is running and round and being smiley so it just breaks my heart to see her not feeling 100%. I just want her to feel better!

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