Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recipe for a Happy Home

So today I bring to you a recipe for a happy home. It has been almost 10 months that we have been out of your last home. We thought we would be in a temporary living situation for 5 months tell our new house was going to be done, and it has taken a few more months then expected. We are coming to the final stretch with the new house finally being ready to move in to at the end of next month. 

The apartment we are in isn't always clean. The family room / bedroom has one project done while others fall behind and I have a todo list that is miles long. Though I am a stay at home mom my life is busy and full. I would say things can be stressful and crazy at time. There are other times that I my be frazzled. But there are always so many blessings in front of us, no matter what else we are facing. 

It is my choice to create and express happiness with what we have and savor it in every way we can.

Everything may not be perfect, in fact, it WON’T BE PERFECT no matter how hard we try.
But our home is what we make of it.
Though I am so excited to finally be back in a home and continue living life with my husband, daughter, and the fur babies. I have come to realize it doesn't matter where we live we have this happy home no matter where we are.
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  1. YES! This is something I've been working on as well. I had to go to attitude school :)