Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lets Talk Planners!

So I have been talking a lot about planners lately and mostly about MAMBI, The Happy Planner.
But in reality I just love planners. I can really find the good in all of them. SO that brings us to today, I thought I should give you a simple review to show off some of my other favorite planners.  I have decided to include the pros and cons for both of the planner below.

Erin Condren Life Planner

It’s beautiful, bright, and colorful! Plus, you can personalize it.
* It’s has a bit of everything. With the weekly layout plus a monthly calendar, it’s easy to organize.
You can purchase the planner in 2 different formats, horizontal or vertical. (What team are you on?? #TeamVertical)
* Who doesn't love something free, I'm I right. This comes with a ruler/bookmark & personalized gift tags and play date cards in the back.
* You can purchase coordinating pens, planner bands, notebooks, iPhone cases ect.
* Nice section at the bottom for meal planning.
* Great space on the side for weekly notes and goals.

* You defenitly get what you pay for but this planner is on the pricer side.
* There is no place for yearly goals, or other planning features, and ideally there needs to be a few more pages for notes in the back.

Plum Paper Planner

* Talk about customizable! Four options for planning pages. (WOW!)
* Full page of notes at the beginning and ending of each month, with option to add more!
* Option to add the monthly cleaning checklist into the month as well.
* More affordable than the others
* Checklist each day for too 3 things you needed to do.

No place for meal planning.
* No designated place for goal setting, although you could use the note pages for that.

So, tell me – which planner is your favorite?

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