Thursday, July 9, 2015

MAMBI: Create 365 Happy Planner | First Impressions

One of the things I continue to use to keep myself organized is a planner. I have tried many planners including my phone but I continue to go to paper planners. there is something about physically writing things down that helps me remember them better then just adding an alert on my phone. 
While walking around my local Hobby Lobby I came across The Happy Planner. It is a new planner system created by MAMBI (me and my big ideas). Everything that most people like about the Erin Condren planner but in a less expensive version. If you’re a planner nut like me, you’re going to love it. I know it is available at Hobby Lobby, some Michael's stores as well online

Say Hello to my Planner!!

When I first saw this planner I knew I wanted it, and I will tell you I am definitely in planner peace when it comes to the happy planner, it has everything I love. 

*  The column layout similar to Erin Condren without the spiral binding. 
* Removable and easily customizable pages
* Cute accessories made to fit the planner 
* Ability to add pages or inserts (possibilities are endless)
* Interchangeable covers
* Lays flat, as well as can fold over on itself, like a notebook
* The discs have hearts in the center (how cute is that!!)

Here are a couple of pictures of the planner layout. This planner starts with the month of July. It has an area for important dates and reminders for July. Then the month view and then it goes into the weekly view. 

I do have a few things I love a little less about the planner, they are:
* The monthly tabs aren’t laminated, BUT, I fixed this by making my own clear tabs to put over. You can buy them here!
* You have to get a special hole punch in order to add your own pages and inserts. 

Over all I love this planner, and I am really happy that this planner came out. I think it is a good alternative to the EC planner and I like that it is already very customizable. 

What is your favorite planner to use and why, comment below?


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  1. So! I have the WORST planning skills. My coworker gives us a little pocket planner for Christmas each year and this was supposed to be THE YEAR. I wrote down all of my friends and family's birthdays in black pen, important dates and conferences, etc in blue pen and all of the blog posts I wanted to schedule in pencil. Well, I stopped blogging so I only looked at it once a month when I was buying birthday cards and well, it didn't work. Anyway, this post totally inspired me to start blogging again, so THANK YOU! :)