Monday, July 13, 2015

Decorating my Planner, Then & Now

The Beginning: Finding a Planner
If you don't know already, you can probably tell I love to shop, and that is for anything really. But anyone that truly knows me, knows back to school shopping is by far my favorite. Being out of school for the last 5 or so years the part I miss the most is supply shopping. During that time every year my most exciting purchase was the school's newest planner for that year. I have been a planner addict since those days, where I would used it for my school and homework schedule. At that point, my planner was for function and not really for fun, and I wasn't yet introduced to the love that is colored pens, sticky notes, and stickers (let's not even get started on washi tape, I hadn't even heard of the stuff at this point. Was it even a 'thing' back then?).

After college I struggles to find a planner that worked for me and was a style I liked. I have tried many planners including my phone but I continued to go to paper planners. There is just something about physically writing things down that helps me remember them better then just adding an alert on my phone. 

Now: Decorating Planner

Fast forward to now and my planner obsession came back for a few reason. one finding the right planner and two finding a community of planner lovers like me. 

* One,The Happy Planner:
While walking around my local Hobby Lobby I came across The Happy Planner and fell in love instantly. I recently did a post all about The Happy Planner, you can read it here, if you are interested.

Two, Planner Community:
During this time when I started using The Happy Planner, I somehow managed to find the whole planning community on Facebook and Youtube and I was instantly amazed. Seriously, who knew that there was a whole community based on planner and making them functional and making them look pretty. (like I said I was amazed, and so excited to find people that were like me, obsessed with there planner)

Decorating my planner with stickers, washi, and colored pens makes me so excited for whats to come up in my life! its not only a place where I can write down everything I need to do, but it can look pretty too! Also, Having a planner helps keep me sane, and decorating it makes happy. This helps keep me organized and ultimately getting more accomplished, right!?!

While decode my planner, I could see I was spending to much on stickers and decorating items. I realized I could make them myself. With being a part of that planner community. I had a few friends see my stickers and told me how much they loved them and from there started make them myself and using them to decorate my planner. I also started listing them on my Etsy shop where I was selling cards and invites. Nicole Kelly Creations become a paper boutique.

And that brings is to where we are now. We went from a school student that used there planner for mostly homework scheduling, written with one color ink. To now I scrapbook my planner and decorate with washi, stickers, and colored pens. You will have to stay tuned to what the future brings for my planning. 

Do you decorate your planner or just write in it?!?
 Let me know in the comment below. 

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