Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Crave or Save

I am loving the trend of Birkenstocks this summer, this sandal is very boho, definitely has a 70's inspired style. Once considered chunky and unflattering, they've now been embraced by fashionistas everywhere. I don't know about you but I am unable to shell out the cost for a pair. But I will say these sandals are versatile, trendy, and of course super comfortable. I will tell you they are defiantly a worthwhile addition to your shoe closet. So I have found an alternative pair that are just as cute but a much cheaper! This pair is a Mossimo brand from Target.  I think this white pair is super versatile and will look fresh and modern.

I have one tip for all of you.... It doesn't matter if your choose the real deal and wear Birkenstocks or the cheaper alternative, all that matters is to:
Keep your toenails polished
Just because you are wearing "ugly" shoes doesn't mean your feet can get away with looking unkept. 

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