Monday, April 6, 2015

Tatum, 10 Months

I know you'd never believe it, but Tatum is 10 months old!! I can't believe how she is growing and developing into such a cute girl. She squeals, grunts & makes many noises when she sees something she wants, and doesn't usually stop until she gets it or is distracted well with something else. 
She loves to play and is always on the go. When she is tired she is such a snuggler, and she will put her head on my shoulder if I am holding her. She is such a smiley and happy baby, it is truly amazing! 

She loves to swim and play in the pool.

Tatum had her first easter. 

I love you so much, Tatum Presley! You are the life of the party & your smile lights up the room. I can't wait to continue watching you grow, you get sweeter every single day, ten months & counting!

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