Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tatum, 4 Months

I am going to warn you now, this post has a million photos of Tatum. It is may favorite post of the month and it is a time for me to reflect on what Tatum is a doing. I think this month has been a big one full of milestones, I feel like she has really changed from 3 months from 4. I seems to me that she went from being a 'infant' to being a 'baby'.

Look at her! She is growing up in front of our eyes! Tatum turned 4 months on Saturday. Like I said above this past months has been full of milestones. She has really blossomed into a little human and is starting to get such a cute personality. She is now a rolling girl and rolls all over the place. She also started eating rice cereal which she is loving, and she sleeps better, which makes me happy. :)

 She is only sleeping on her stomach. The first night I looked at the monitor and saw her rolled over it totally freaked me out! I am not going to lie I went and slept on her floor in her room so I could hear her breathing. But I talked to her pediatrician and he said it is fine. I can't make her sleep on her back and if that is what makes her happy and sleep we will go with it. 

This video is her first time rolling on to her stomach. She has really masted this and now does it more swiftly. 

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