Tuesday, October 14, 2014

3 Tips: Looking Luxe on a Budget

Here are all of the topics that will be covered in the series:
* Look effortlessly chic everyday
* Looking luxe on a budget
* Getting a cool girl look
* Achieving a Feminine edgy Look
* Being a better shopper
* How to build a streamlined wardrobe
* How to navigate a cheap chic stores

Looking Luxe on a Budget

1. Stick With Simple Pieces
An uncomplicated item looks more expensive than one with lost of zippers and details. It’s hard to do heavy embellishment in an inexpensive way, so watch out, it normally creates uneven surfaces on the silhouette. 
When dressing with these simple inexpensive item, you are then able to mix them with more pricer items.  This will allow your overall look to be elevated. Also when picking up these more budgeted items you can always change the buttons or swap out the buckle for something better … you can make little changes to inexpensive items that will add big dollars to the overall effect.

2. Pick the Right Colors and Prints 
Keep your color spectrum narrow. If you wear every hue in the rainbow, nothing will look chic, it’ll just look like a mess. Also, most affordable retailers do a better job with neutrals, jewel tones and classic patterns like plaid. When you see these retailers do brights and graphic prints tend to look cheaper. 
Sometimes inexpensive clothes lack the weight that a better fabric can provide, or simply lack a lining. You can’t change the fabric itself, but adding an underpinning to create a lining is an easy fix.

3. Skip Fancy Footwear
Shoes get the most wear and tear, so its important to choose a sturdy style. Nothing screams 'discount store' like worn in statement heels with missing rhinestones or stretched out straps. 

What are your tricks to dressing luxe on a budget??

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