Monday, October 6, 2014

3 Tips: Look Effortlessly Chic Everyday

I have a short mini series that starts today! Be excited!! It is called 3 tips, this is going to revolve around fashion and how you can evolve into different styles or shopping habits with just 3 simple rules. 

Here is all of the topics that will be covered in the series:
* Look effortlessly chic everyday
* Looking luxe on a budget
* Getting a cool girl look
* Achieving a Feminine edgy Look
* Being a better shopper
* How to build a streamlined wardrobe
* How to navigate a cheap chic stores

1. Invest in Versatile Classics
These items should be able to be easily dressed up or down. For an example take any dress you have, are you able to pair it with a casual utility jacket as well as a tailored blazer? How about when it comes to your black jeans, are you able to pair them with a oversized sweater for day and a silky blouse for night? 
If the answer is yes to both of these examples you are investing in the right items!

2. Experiment with Unexpected hues
Living in California the colors you are able to wear are endless and you can wear most items almost year round. Think about mixing shades of white and pastels with falls traditional dark colors. I always love wearing that third item. For me a blazer and tee and boyfriend jeans is a staple outfit. Also, adding a color can elevate your neutral pieces, like a little black dress and heels.  

3. Add Easy and Chic Extras
I love to layer simple necklaces that have different chains or pendants. I go for a chunky piece and a more simple piece so they will not over power one another.
When it comes to beauty think about doing a pop of red on your lips. Red lips works wonders! Doing a lip color that pops takes your outfit up one level. That red lip is a quick way to add polish to a otherwise casual outfit. 
Here are some examples of item you might want to invest in:
Dressing effortlessly chic everyday

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