Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tatum, 3 Months

So it is that time of the month again, Tatum's monthly update! She is now 3 months old going on 30. Just Kidding, but really she is growing up like crazy and changing everyday. 

She continues to be one of the best babies I know. 

We had a pretty mellow month just hanging out at home for most of the time. When Tatum is not holding a conversation with you she is sucking on her hand. She continues to be on a good sleeping and eating schedule.  

Once again I can't complain at all she is healthy and happy and growing everyday.

This is how Tatum rolls over from tummy to back. 

Tatum loves the water, she can't wait for bath time and hates when we have to take her out. 

Tatum loves to talk all day long. 

We found new babysitters for Tatum, Stud and Zoey love her so much! 

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