Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our First Home

I can still remember the first day Garrett and I pulled up to your new home. We were so excited (Well I was excited!) to put away new dishes and towels, filling up cabinets and drawers with all our things. I put together my closet and, generously let garrett have a hamper in there, (His closet was in the other room). 
This was our first home together. 
This is where garrett and I continued to learn about the weird things that you can only know about a person after living with them. It was here in this house that we learned how to be married. This is where we threw pillows at each other from across the bed, laughing till we cried. 
This house is were we learned how to manage our expectations and priorities, while also communicating openly and honestly, and loving each other no matter what. This is where we talked about our hopes and dreams, planning for out our future. 
It was here in this house that we stood in the kitchen and cooked meals together (well garrett cooks, I just watch). 

In this home I also learned the fine art of the "Hunny to-do List". (It only took him 3 years to get the back yard done, He said it would be done in a month.)

It was here in this house that I took my first pregnancy test and learned of Presley's existence. This is were we went through hard ache of learning that Presley will not survive the pregnancy. This is where garrett and I both broke down crying, where we hugged each other, and prayed harder than we ever prayed before. This is were we grieved, and through the grace and love of God, we became pregnant again shortly after with Tatum. This is were I cried in the bathroom in happy disbelief, thanking God for the miracle inside my belly. This is where we prepared for her arrival. This is where I spent nine long months being pregnant. 
This was Tatum's first home. 
It was here in this house that Tatum smiled for the first time. This is where we learned about the challenges of sleep deprivation and baby spit up. This is were Tatum has grown and developed for the past 3 months. 

It was here in this house that we have grown closer and made mistakes. This house has seen us at our best and seen us at our worst. 

May our next house be just has good, just as warm, and just as willing to graciously capture the next chapter of our journey. 

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