Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tatum's First Road Trip

4th of July was last week and we had our first road trip with Tatum. My Husband packed up the car and we headed to Prescott, Az on Thursday night. I will say for the most part the road trip was good. We have figured out Tatum does not like traffic, but who really does. It took us 8hr to get there, because of traffic in LA and then a monsoon storm in AZ. So we got to the cabin around 12:30AM. 

Me, my mom and Tatum 

My parents and Grandma were so excited to see Tatum on Friday morning and my parents were amazed to see how much she had grown over the last few weeks. It was a pretty exciting weekend because my grandma got to meet Tatum for the first time. 

This picture is 4 generations. My grandma, me, Tatum, and my dad. 

Tatum had a ton of firsts over the weekend and I am excited to see them continue throughout her life.

Overall I will say the holiday weekend was a great success. It definitely nice to have some extra family time. 

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