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Tatum's Birth Story

I don't want to come off and say my labor with Tatum was easy, but I will say it wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Looking back it is so unbelievable that you are pregnant for 9 months and then boom your not pregnant and you have this little human that you and your partner made. It pretty amazing. This delivery with Tatum went very fast and was nothing of what I pictured it would be. But wether it was hard or not I know it was one of the best days of my life and I want to never forget it. 

Tatum’s Birth Story

The beginning to the end was at 39 weeks, my OB let me know I was 1cm and the baby was faced down. Which isn’t to exciting seeing you can be like this for weeks, but for me it was progress. Then just a few days before 40 weeks I went to see her again and I was 3cm, so I asked her what our options were from here. She had my membranes stripped, and she said the baby will probably come over the weekend, but if I didn’t have the baby by Wednesday which was 3 days after my due date, she would feel comfortable inducing me. Which is what happened.  

Wednesday morning came and no baby had arrive so we went to the hospital at 6:00am, checked in and after getting settled into the room I was put a pitocin drip around 7:30am. With in 40 mins I was feeling very strong contractions, about every 4 minutes. At this time I asked my husband to ask the nurse if there was anything they could give me to relieve the pain. The doctor said since I wanted an epidural we could go ahead and put that in after they broke my water. By 8:45 I had my water broke and been given the epidural. About 5min after the epidural was put in the pain went away, but looking at the monitor you could see I was still having strong contractions. I will say I felt quite relaxed and at peace once the epidural was given. In the next 30min my doctor checked me and I had went from 4cm to 7cm and quickly went to being ready to push with in the hour. I was getting excited at this time just knowing we were going to met our daughter very soon.

The nurses and doctors got my room all ready for the delivery and she had me do about 3 pushes. I was getting dizzy and couldn’t feel anything. So they put on the oxygen mask and let me take a 15min break, they turned off the epidural hoping it would wear off just a little so I could feel when to push. After that 15min break she came back and I pushed another 2 times. With my final pushes, they guided her body out and she was born at 12:11PM. 

They layered her fragile body directly on my chest. Then a few min later they took her to be weighed and washed off. After she was cleaned off I got to hold my sweet baby girl again. I couldn't believe my eyes. This bundle of joy was mine. Even looking back and thinking this just happened about 2 weeks ago, it doesn't seem real. I have pictured what this moment would be like in my mind so many times. Our miracle was here and I was a mom. The number of emotions that fill my heart in that moment is hard to believe.

I also have to say, Garrett was amazing the entire time. He was encouraging, reassuring, supportive and so excited to meet her. 

Tatum Presley Cushing
June 4, 2014, 12:11 PM
6 lbs, 7oz, 19 inches

There's never been a time in my life when I truly felt that there is a God that does miracles. Like I said before it is so surreal to know she grew inside me for nine months and is now a healthy baby girl.  

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