Friday, May 16, 2014

My Baby Showers

Tatum is one lucky baby, I have said that a few times now, but the truth is she is so loved and spoiled already and she isn't even born yet. I was lucky enough to be given three showers,

* the first one was given by Jodi and was a work and friends shower
* the second was given by my sister in law and mother in law, for family
* the third was a total surprise party given by Emily and Margaret, for friends 

What I loved about all my showers is that they were small and intimate so we could all mingle and didn't feel like I was going from group to group. I had so much fun a each one. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted at the showers, but I have the memories to remember so thats the important part. 

Here are just a few pics from each shower. 

* Shower 1 *

* Shower 2 *

* Shower 3 *

I want to thank everyone for pouring love over me and baby tatum, I want to also thank everyone that took time to come to the showers and help put them together. All three showers had yummy food and drinks, beautiful decorations, and fun games and crafts.  Now I am fully stocked up on all types of great and helpful essentials that I know will come in handy once she arrives. But if it weren't for my friends and family that came, it would have been nothing, you guys are the reason it was so special, so thank you! 

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