Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wife after God, Day 7 + 8

Wife after God is designed to walk you through a journey with god, that is tailored through the role of being a wife. I am going to go day by day and reflect on my relationship with god and my husband. I will not be summarizing days or writing the versus that correlate. But I will be journaling and using the refection questions to help me go through this next month. 

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Day 7: Marriage is to Make You Holy  
In what ways are you sanctified or "set apart" as a wife?
I look at sanctification as a process of transformation. When one is put on this earth they are set apart from the rest of the world. As a wife I think I have learned that both me and my husband though are very comparable, we are still two different people. We are going to transform through our marriage and as people through out time. With each others help and trusting in God we will be transformed into better people and stronger.
This might not really answer the question but I fell if you are able to go through these sanctification or transformations this is what will set you apart as a wife.

What transformations are you currently experiencing as a christian or as a wife?
As of right now, be pregnant is a transformation in so many ways. Its mental, physical, emotional, ect. all going on at once. 

How can you respond to your husband differently knowing that the trails you face together have the potential to produce transformation in your marriage? 
I think I kind of answered this with the first question. But, marriage is not just to make you happy by fulfilling all of your needs. Marriage is to make you holy by refining you through a process of transformation. I think as along as you and your husband can transform together and know that you are two different people you can become stronger. You can learn how to respond to your husband in the way you he needs you at that time. This will strengthen your marriage and produce and positive transformation. 

Day 8: Confident Worthiness
What evidence convinces you of your worthiness?
I think as I get older I become more comfortable, with who I am as a person and who God wants me to be. I will say I know I am not perfect, I do doubt my worthiness as times, but I can now look at myself on a regular basis and know I am worthy. I don't need to look at other for it. 

Where is the first place you usually go when you desire to feel worthy?
I find myself going to my friends and my husband to find worthless. But now look at this chapter I know I don't need to do that. Like I said above as I get older I have gotten better at not need other reassurance on my worthiness. 

How can trusting in God fulfill your need to feel worthy?
Trusting in God, will let you know you are worthy. When you are fulfilled with god in your heart, and completely fulfilled with joy and value you will know you are worthy. 

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